12 March 2012

Living in the Model

One night a couple weeks ago I was lying in bed waiting to fall asleep and I noticed a hole in my broken down apartment. Not really unusual, since we've been living in the apartment for the month of February with torn up floors and missing walls and ceilings. This was the first time though, that a hole in the ceiling, from what I could see, had a little view of the outside. A sudden realization hit me that construction to put our apartment back together was going to take much morework and logistics than deconstruction.

I visited our complex management to see what our options would be, as I could forsee that living in our apartment was not going to be possible during the construction phase. They offered for us to stay in their model apartment while we waiting out the two week construction to put our apartment back to normal. Scott and I talked it over and agreed that this would be best.

So last week we moved half of our belongings into the model apartment, prepping for a two week stay. We then moved the other half of our belongings into our master bedroom to make room for construction workers to do their job. Hence why I was not very active in the blog world last week.

Living in the model apartment has reminded me of how much I love my apartment when it is whole. It's so peaceful and stress free to walk into a staged home. Though I had to laugh at the advertisements on the nightstand and the kitchen wall. I know their purpose is for perspective renters when the apartment is shown, but part of me wonders if management felt comfortable leaving these advertisements for us to maintain a positive image of their complex through this ordeal. Either way, we are crossing our fingers that we'll be back in our like-new apartment in 10 days.