27 February 2012

Working My Fundraising Magic

At the end of 2011 I was asked if I could help Human Resources at work put together activities for the Food Drive at OSU. Apparently the Food Drive here is a big deal, and there is one department on campus that always wins. The foundation has a history of coming in second place, despite all their valiant efforts.

I'm not sure why they chose me. Maybe because Morgan is in the HR department, and I am constantly walking up to the front to chat with her about the day or husbands in med school. I can only hope it was because my bosses have only good things to say about my sweet skill sets. In any case, I agreed and spent all of my spare time in January at work thinking of fundraising ideas for the food drive in February.

Here's just a peak of what we came up with this month:
A Traveling Hat (disinfected of course)
Fitness Challenges
and a variety of parties.This was our Valentine's Day bake sale!

I pretty much pulled out of my hat every fundraising rabbit I've ever seen work before. I'd say our efforts were successful, considering we raised almost 75% of our unit goal within the first week and are on our way to winning first place by the end of this month! Morgan and I keep saying that we need to do something wrong sometime soon - throw a bad event or leave a box of canned food on the curb "on accident." We don't want to be so perfect that we're called on to do this event every year. Honestly, though, I'm not sure I would mind. It was fun to use my marketing skills for a task other than reserving Enterprise cars and creating a new appointment in Outlook. Only for one month though. I'm bushed!