30 March 2012

Babysitting Boys Means Angry Birds

We babysat for some friends the other night since it was their anniversary weekend. Scott adores their three boys and sometimes invites himself over just to play with them. The boys were a sinch to look after, and when they had gone to bed we found their Angry Birds "board game" and started experimenting. This slingshot is NOT as easy to perfect and maneuver as it's on screen cousin. Scott did manage to shoot down this level three castle for the full 300 points.

You can't hear the dialog very well, since we were trying to be stealthy quiet with the kiddos were asleep. So this is basically how it went: Scott told me to record because this round of shots was "going to be money" despite the fact that he had only shot down a couple pigs previously. Then he asked me what order of birds he could shoot. The level card you pick up shows you how to build the castle and what birds you slingshot to try and knock down all the pigs.

First thing Scott said when I stopped the video - "I sure hope Kaden and Sterling [his nefews] get to see that soon!"