28 March 2012

Fortune Cookie

I haven't been feeling great the past few weeks. Living in the model apartment was not necessarily as ideal as it sounds. The master mattress is definitely low grade IKEA kind of ware, and I partially blame it for my sleepless nights of late. But you'll be happy to hear that we are now back in our OWN apartment! Ceilings and floors are now better than new, and best of all I'm back in my comfy pillow top bed.

While I was feeling kind of crummy, Scott and I chose to eat out at Sum Yan, one of the two Chinese food options in Lebanon. We can never remember the exact name though, so we usually call it Sum Yum. It doesn't sound like a healthy option for an upset stomach and poor appetite, but I couldn't get the idea of a big bowl of egg drop soup out of my mind.

Before we left, Scott found this fortune in his cookie:

The first thing that Scott said when he read his fortune was, "We can't pay for this food." I think Sum Yum needs to find a new cookie distributer.