21 March 2012

YW Talent Show Mad Lib

Prepare to be impressed! As a personal progress activity for our Young Women, we prepared for and held a talent night during mutual. There were nine of us in the room that Tuesday night of the talent show, including three adult leaders. It was a pretty imtimate group. Each of us had to bring a talent. I was asked if I could help MC the event, as I had previously thought I could come up with some good filler material if any of the ladies needing some prep time for their talent (like setting up their Hello Kitty collection or tuning their guitars).

I decided a mad lib may be the best way to fill up some time, as it involves active audience participation, creativity, and general silliness. Thinking for sure I could find a good LDS-type, clean mad lib on Sugardoodle.net or some other Mormon resource, I scoured the internet. No luck! But never fear, I came up with my own and it's kind of a big deal!

I'm happy to share, just in case you ever need to act as emcee for a Mormon talent show! You can access a pdf copy of the Mad Lib, here.

Or you can just read what the girls in the Lebanon Pioneer ward came up with, [with some commentary from the peanut gallery]:

'Twas the night of the talent show and all the Young Women were sprinting. Thought they had all prepared a talent, the happy ladies were still depressed. [ironic, right?]

Maddie decided to bring her guitar to play us a rap song. She practiced for 8 hours to perfect her fermada. [That was one long fermada!] Kyreen wanted to bring her collection of suede ligers, but her aunt ran over them all. So instead she decided she would "love" as her talent. [Ah!] At 7:00 Am, Sister Charlie finally decided she would share with the group why she wanted to be a blacksmith by doing a juggling demonstration. Danielle was very flexible and wanted to show the group how she could put her elbow by her knee camp. [Impressive, to say the least.] After studying about her ancestors from Turkey, McKenzie choreographed a tan tango routine and brough a mickey mouse button as a prop. Tasha wanted to display her dramatic flair by reading 27 paragraphs from Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Askaban. She used a Portuguese accent for all the male characters. Why?! Marli is quite the poet. She wrote and sang a song about fuzzy buildings. And of course, Sister Tanner is a fantastic cook! She baked 42 dozen gourmet cupcakes using Willa Wonka's gobstoppers, flour, and egg yolks. They were obsessive!

The Young Women were ready, all drearily chattering, when you of the Relief Society room there came such a clattering. We peeked out the door and who should appear, but the nursery leader with her hairy hymn books. "Dang! We're in a tight spot!" She said, "and don't you worry, I will wipe snot and be back in a hurry."

So the Young Women pushed
[random], and said, "Let's Go!" Then they had the most terribly magenta grundibar Young Women's talent show!

This is where you can feel free to leave me a compliment in comment form about my sweet mad libbing skillz!