19 March 2012

It's Never Lupus

Sometimes there are great benefits to being at OSU, like when the real life doctor who provides inspiration for House, M.D. comes to campus for a presentation! Too bad we couldn't attend. I know... climax killer!

Since Scott and I had other obligations last Tuesday (Scott watching BYU beat Iona and I emceeing a YW talent show), we tragically missed Dr. Lisa Sanders presentation on campus in Corvallis. The title of her talk is the same as her book, Every Patient Tells a Story. You can listen to a possibly similar interview given on NPR a few years ago, where she describes how she works with FOX to make Hugh Laurie look incredibly intelligent and come up with ideas like intestinal gas lighting on fire in the operating room.

If I ever find the OSU recording, I'll be sure to make that available as well! Enjoy!