14 October 2011

Logos, Quelf and More

I was so excited to get our HouseParty package in the mail a couple weeks ago. It arrived so early, which is fantastic! I think HouseParty has really improved their system, because our first party through them almost went on without any of the supplies! Luckily that box arrived the night before, and we were able to party without a problem.

The HouseParty we are hosting tonight is sponsored by SpinMaster board games! As you can see the package included  The Logo Game and Quelf, $5 off game coupons for our guests, napkins, drink sticks, magnets, and more. Scott and I made sure to test out the board games and learn all the rules before our party. We REALLY enjoyed the games so far and think our guests will have a lot of fun!

I planned out a pretty casual menu of soups and appetizers, since our party will be around dinner time and we are having potentially six! med school families over to play with us. The HouseParty Spin Master games have a suggested age range from12+ . We want this to be a family party, as we are one of only a few med school families without chil'en. So we suggested that families bring games that their kids would like to play.

HouseParty at the Chandler's tonight, and the OSU v BYU game in Corvallis on Saturday! We'll be sure to share the details!