19 October 2011

Spin Master HouseParty

The Spin Master HouseParty was a success! We had six medical school families come to enjoy food and Spin Master games. There is no way all of those people would fit in our apartment, but luckily our apartment complex has an awesome clubhouse that is available to reserve.

Our guests enjoyed soups, breadsticks, chips and dip. I'm SO glad that Shaila offered to bring dessert because she brought these scrumptious pumpkin cupcakes and oatmeal cookies that were gone in a flash. It's hard to estimate how much to cook for such a large group. One very good reason I'm not a caterer. Somehow we still had extra food! The only thing I under estimated was everyone's love for seven layer dip.

With this group, you really don't need much to entertain. Of course the kiddos had a movie going and a few toys to play with. The adults however could have kept chatting away if we hadn't stopped them to play a couple games and bless the food.

As I described earlier, Quelf is a new game where cranium meets curses. When I first played Quelf, it took me awhile to get into the game. The activities they ask you to do are a little bit outside any adult's comfort zone, but I think the kid inside of us really wants to participate in a big way. By the end of the game everyone is going full blast and rolling on the floor with laughter. I had several party guests tell me it was their favorite.

The Quelf Hoe Down from Katie Chandler on Vimeo.

With moments like this, I'm not sure I could blame them. Though Most Outstanding Duo in a Quelf Series most definitely goes to our two pregnant mamas who danced cheek to cheek... and subsequently belly to belly! I think we all felt the sacrifice they made for the love of the game.

However, by far my favorite game was The Logo Game. The game tests your brand knowledge, and I would say is MUCH easier on the brain than a game of trivial pursuit. I thoroughly enjoyed, and was entertained, by the random facts about slogans and products. Scott and I played this several times more after the party was over, and sometimes he likes to just pull out a card to break the ice during conversation. His favorite cards to be quized on are of course the sports brands. My best performance was with food brands... go figure!

After a full weekend of partying and victory dancing for BYU, we are kind of warn out!