19 August 2011

Newport with New Friends

Our first Saturday after orientation week for Scott, The Brinkerhoff's invited a group of LDS med student families to the beach! We knew this would be a great opportunitity to meet the people we are spending the next four years with, as well as enjoy Newport in the summer sun.

We met everyone in Newport and decided to head to Agate Beach, which is about a mile north from the beach point Scott and I visited on our first trip to Newport this summer. I HIGHLY recommend Agate Beach! Our first trip to Newport was cold and windy and we stopped at the first beach off of Hwy 20. Agate Beach had fewer crowds, warm water (surprisingly), very little wind, and beautiful, fine sand. There's a great parking spot by Roby's Furniture Store on North Coast Highway (101), right infront of Lucky Gap Trail that leads down to the beach.

For some reason, even though we were going to the beach, we had this aversion to sand. Didn't really want to get sand in our shoes or step in water if we weren't planning on it. We also had completely forgotten to bring a towel or beach blanket. Obviously, we don't go to the beach enough!

Meet the Nelsons! We picked up Morgan and Chase in Albany and they had to suffer through our stories, music choices, and Scott's cell phone calls on the ride to and from Newport. They came to Western University COMP-NW from Lehi, Utah.

Then of course, you may already know the Brinkerhoffs. Jarden, Maren, Eva, and Elijah have been buddies of mine since we first moved to Oregon in May. They hail from the Portland area, and actually Jared was a chiropractor before deciding to apply for med school.

We were also joined by Burrs. Devin and Megan also moved to Oregon from Utah for med school. They brough with them 5 month old S.J... our future hero!

Was it not a gorgeous day to be at the beach! I LOVED it! I loved the sand between my toes and how warm it was to sit on. I loved the smell of the ocean. Conveniently, the sun was shining on our stretch of the beach! I kept saying, "I am in love with this beach right now." Then we decided to go to a boardwalk storefront that we've never visited before, and I switched my phrase to, "I am in love with Newport right now!" It was a seriously great summer day to be at the beach!

Down at the boardwalk, we saw a bunch of sea lions. I mostly assume that they were sea lions because of their "bark." But I think seals are actually the more common pinniped in Newport.

It was a fantastic last day of freedom for Scott and I! Scott started classes August 8 and we've been having discussions since then about prioritzing our time, daily chores to make our home run more smoothly, and how we are going to fit in more time to see and talk with each other.  Our schedules are busy! Scott is busy studying and doing some pre-class study for more difficult lessons in the future. He also fits in basketball and friend time. I have Young Women's activities and planning, couponing, errands, work + commute, and school. But I'll talk more about that later! For now we'll just enjoy the awesome weekend we had!