10 June 2011

Fish and Chips

Ever since moving to Oregon, Scott and I have seen signs and advertisements to visit the coast of Oregon, specifically Newport. Newport happens to be a straight shot west from Lebanon, and only an hour and half drive. So after seeing this display of Oregonian humor on television I decided that Scott and I should take a trip to Newport for Memorial Day weekend.

Strangely, the commercial gave me a strong craving for fish and chips. I felt secure knowing that the fish selection in Newport would be fresh, practically Alaskan. The halibut was probably on it's way up to Sitka anyway.

The drive to Newport was lovely! The scenery here astounds me! It doesn't feel like anything I've really seen before. The rainforest reminds me of Sitka. The farm lands remind me of Utah, and yet there are rolling hills and so many beautiful barns and cottages that seem out of place in any of the other states we lived.

Then we arrived at the coast and Scott was memorized by the waves. He kept commenting on how much bigger the waves appeared here than when we vacationed in Maui. The beach and lighthouse reminded me of Maine, but everyone walking along the beach wore winter coats. The end of May and it was still quite cold, more so because of the wind.

The woman who took our picture came from Eugene. She said, like Lebanon, Eugene had been raining that morning when their family left for the coast. The local saying though, is that if it's raining inland, Newport must have great weather. And it was beautifully sunny!

Of course we stopped off at a little fish and chips hut that was recommended on the internet. We had the halibut and chips. It was good, but I think Gaby Chandler's homemade recipe that I've stolen is better.

On our way home, I begged Scott to stop at the farmer's market! I can't avoid a good farmer's market, and Newport's did not disappoint. There were probably fifteen booths total, but the area was well represented. There were crepes, fresh squeezed lemonade, grilled pizza, a bakery, and lots of little plant and craft booths. As we were walking around I saw a couple selling strawberry plants for $1.50! A steal price! I didn't even think about it... just had Scott hand over the money.

I'm hoping to transplant into a strawberry pot someday so this new addition can build a family! Overall it was a very fun and successful trip to Newport!