13 June 2011

Ixtapa in Lebanon

While my mom was visiting and helping us move in, we decided we would venture to a local restaurant, where the parking lot was always packed - Ixtapa. After surveying friends and family, we found that Ixtapa is not a Spanish word for external coverings, but rather a city near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. It also happens to be a chain of Mexican restaurants in Oregon and Washington.

We had heard excellent things about the Ixtapa in Lebanon! The manager at Chase bank told us he highly recommended the place. He also mentioned that the restaurant has been newly renovated and now has double the space it used to have. On the day that we visited Ixtapa, the crew was making finishing touches to the new landscaping outside.

Sorry, photos were taken on Scott's phone

We were greeted, sat down to order, and enjoyed our chips and salsa. The menu is full of great options, though the menu pictures are old and not the best quality to stir one's appetite. My first order of business was to try Ixtapa's guacamole. A guacamole test has to be the truest method for Mexican restaurant validity. The guacamole was PERFECT! The avocado had such a pure taste that wasn't drowned out with spices. It was creamy and fresh, almost a palate cleanser after a bite of spicy salsa.

Before my hair cut... have I mentioned how much I love my new haircut?

I'm pretty sure that picture was taken after I had already devoured half the guacamole. It was GoOod! Our orders arrived, and the portions were much larger than we expected! We each had a large plate of food, even Scott who had just ordered an ala carte burrito. It was most definitely the size of an entree, rather than a side... which would explain why Ixtapa didn't put the "side" burrito in the extras section of their menu. Mmm! All the food was delicious and completely fulfilled my Mexican food cravings. We were stuffed!

But to top it all off, our waiter stopped by with the check and a complimentary dessert!

We each enjoyed a fried cinnamon chip with fresh whipped cream drizzled in strawberry sauce. We managed to fit that in! Heavenly, really. The perfect end to a great meal, and just another reason for you to come visit us in Lebanon!