17 August 2011

Et Cetera Thrift Shop - Lebanon

Main Street in downtown Lebanon, Oregon is one of the best places to shop thrifty. There's one section of Main that I'm particularly fond of and frequent once a week (or at least I did while Scott was away). Between Grant St and Maple St there are three stores that sell used goods: Et Cetera Shop (sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee), Teen Challenege Thrift Store, and Buyers Market. Et Cetera is by far my favorite.

While it has fewer donated goods, merchandise is always good quality and resonably priced. The women volunteering in the store are so sweet and helpful. I've also been able to find most of what I need there for my kitchen, garden, or project. I've found citrus juicers, butter boats, crocks, felt, containers, cake pans, and flower pots all at Et Cetera for cents!

If you're looking for used furniture, however,Teen Challenge or Buyers Market are the places to go. I think maybe Et Cetera avoids furniture on purpose because they have a smaller shop (and maybe for quality reasons as well?).

Et Cetera has even less space than the other stores as half the shop is devoted to goods made in third-world countries. These are brand new decorating pieces that are beautiful, but priced to give back to those who crafted them.

Thought I would share this cute small town shop with you!