22 August 2011

Original Mo's - Newport

We visited the Original Mo's restaurant on the boardwalk in Newport at the beginning of August. It was a beautiful day and windows (read: garage doors) were open to let in the fresh air. We actually read in the menu that Mo's put in garage doors after a woman accidentally put her car in drive instead of reverse, and ended up in the restaurant front after a particularly filling meal. As the story goes, the owner put her arm around the woman and said, Don't worry! We'll just put in a garage door here so you can drive in whenever you want.
The Nelson's had recommended we visit Mo's on our trip to Newport, as they had visited before and had enjoyed every bite. Mo's is a family owned restaurant, a classic beach side fish and cowder joint. The restaurant is a nice, clean place and is pretty popular. We had to wait ten minutes before we were seated, but we arrived before the dinner rush. We were seated at the front of the restaurant, right under the garage door opening. So we got to watch the crowds enjoying their touristy walk and waiting for their turn at a table.

It was a perfect addition to our trip to the boardwalk! Scott and I shared (yes, we share almost everything) the fish and chips, which came with a cup of Mo's famous chowder.

I loved that the chowder came with a great, big slice of homemade bread! Delicious!

The fish (Alaskan Cod) was pretty good, though I'm still searching for a tarter sauce as good as my own.
The best treat of all, though, was Mo's marionberry cobbler topped with three scoops of vanilla ice cream! Oh, I am salivating just thinking of it. Of course, it was gone before I had a chance to even think about a picture.
My best advice - Share a meal at Mo's so you can heartily enjoy their homemade desserts!