03 May 2010

Softball Mondays

A couple of weeks ago Cole Lansford texted Scott and asked if he would be interested in driving up to Salt Lake City to play softball on a city league every Monday night. Scott asked me if I would be interested in going up every Monday night to watch him play softball and visit with my best friend Maura and her new baby Crew. I’m surprised he didn’t already know the answer! Of course I want to do that! I used to go up and visit Maura every Tuesday when Gilmore Girls was on the air. It’s always nice to have a good excuse to go 30 minutes north to visit with my best friend, especially now that Crew is here!

The softball team is an interesting group of guys. Most of the team works with Cole at Goldman Sachs and they will email each other at work with messages about choosing the team name (which they said could not have any reference to BYU, when the diamond was so close to the U) the weekly bating line up, and the usual team comradery messages like “Let’s mercy rule them tonight!” Even though the diamond is so close to University of Utah, Scott isn’t the only team member with BYU ties. I feel like the team works really well together, despite having revile sports affiliations, and ignoring the fact that they haven’t won a game yet or been close.

I think Scott really loves the chance to play softball again, especially in a competitive team atmosphere. He gets ready Monday morning with his “baseball bag” packed with cleats, glove, and of course, sunflower seeds. The sunflower seeds say it all… Scott is taking these games very seriously. (Don't worry, his hair has been cut since this picture. I know you were gagging, Martie.)

I’m enjoying trying to learn how to trash talk at a baseball game, which I find is slightly more difficult than basketball. Plus I feel like the old girls fastball chants are not as powerful as I remember. Maybe my time is better spent cooing Crew!

Thank you to everyone who voted for my boss on Advance America's site. As it turns out, the site made me re-post the story because it was accidentally double posted due to an error on their part. Advance America removed both posts, but gave me a copy of the story to repost it this morning. So if you voted, can you please go back to the site and vote again?


New link and everything. Thank you!