04 May 2010

Anatomy of the Job Hunt

BYU University Career Services some how attracts a group of amazing, creative, dedicated student employees. One of these is Andrew, who has attended many a UCS strategy meeting (a.k.a. talk session) and he has implemented some great new programs to our department as well. Quite the feat, for a student employee. Well, Andrew recently received two internship offers, after a very laborious process, from two very prestigious consulting firms. He shared with our staff meeting his experience this morning, and I asked him if I could share with you. He agreed.

Andrew and I share a few things in common: we're both brilliant, and humble... we both experienced the limbo of job searching and we now want to give back and help others through this limbo and avoid any mistakes we (mostly me) may have made. Andrew created this timeline (click to visit the interactive timeline page) of his internship hunt process to help students have an understanding of the effort and time involved with searching for an internship or full-time position.

You can scan the timeline by following the link, and then clicking and dragging on the dark gray bar at the bottom of the timeline. In total, this timeline spans four months of the effort (though I know he was working the full academic year towards this effort), 17 applications, six first round interviews, three final round interviews, six no responses, and two offers!

If you are in limbo, waiting for an internship, or your first job, or medical school results... Enjoy the ride! My chinese doctor once told me never say "Don't worry," because worrying with my personality is almost inevitable. Rather, know that it will take some time and effort, but along the way opportunities will miraculously come and in the end you will end up exactly where you need to be. Just enjoy the ride and fight the good fight. I know - I've done it twice before, and am on my third limbo... this time as an attached spectator to Scott. It's not fun to be patient, but it sure does have it's rewards!

AND if you are in job hunt limbo and need a little boost, feel free to comment or send me an email. I've got connections, so let me use them on you!