07 May 2010

Mini Tri for Scouts

This last Tuesday, Scott set up a mini triathlon (way shorter than a sprint - 1.5 mile run, 4 mile bike, about 250 yard swim... in that order) for the young men and young women in our church. Though the race appeared to be unorganized because the participants and volunteers were a little confused on where to go, Scott had it all planned out and it actually ran really smoothly.

The race started at the Springville High track. From there the bikers rode down to a house in Mapleton where one of the scout leaders had arranged to use a family friend's indoor pool for the swim. Scott had arranged for guides to stand along the way (a.k.a. him and I at the various points of turning and traffic) to point bikers in the right direction and help direct traffic. Then Scott even cut up bananas and oranges for the kids to have with sports drinks after the race. The kids loved it! And the leaders loved checking out this amazing house in Mapleton. I'm pretty sure it's my new dream house.

This is the end of the biking path to the house. Don't worry those cars are the leaders who were following the last bikers to make sure they arrived safely.

The house!

Around the back of the house was the entrance to the pool, which had two kiddie ponds, a hot tub, a water slide, a diving board, and a rope swing, as well as men and women's bathrooms for changing.

And it's for sale too!

Good job Scott putting together this amazing activity. You're a natural race coordinator!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my brother, Matt, today!