17 May 2010

A Relaxing Week with the Cavanaughs

This last week my parents were in town from Alaska. It was SO fun to have them visit us! They took Scott and I out to eat every day while they were here, which is my dream. (I love how this is what I mention first about their visit...) Not that I don't like cooking or eating at home, because I love to cook and the stuff I create is pretty tasty. Yet eating out always seems to be tastier.

I was lucky to be able to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom in town. Our ward gave out tomato plants to the moms, and my primary kids sang in Sacrament Meeting. My parents also came to primary hours to watch me be the chorister, and we sang a primary welcome song for them. Then after church we were able to have dinner with The Bruins, our great friends from Alaska who now live in Lehi. They are such a fun family, and they were so nice to let us bombard their Mother's Day dinner AND prolong the start a bit for our late church release. It was a great Mother's Day!

My parents spent most of the week wandering around Utah County, as Scott and I were busy at work and school at BYU. But we did get to spend some quality time throughout the work week, and on Thursday evening we all went up to Park City for a vacation. We stayed at this beautiful resort that was so relaxing! The resort featured a relaxation pool with a warm shallow pool indoors, hot tub, sauna, and steam room. THEN, every room had several TVs and a Mr. Steam shower, which is the best shower in the world. I want one!

Besides saying goodbye to my parents several times on Saturday, with promises to visit wherever we end up, I made several goodbyes to Mr. Steam. Scott made his goodbyes to the TVs that would "automatically turn on by motion sensor" (so he said) to ESPN when we walked in the door.

Thanks mom and dad for coming to visit us! We loved having you and hoped you had an enjoyable time. We definitely did and feel very spoiled now! You're welcome to visit us any time!