22 April 2010

My Boss Deserves a Raise

So today my BzzAgent emails informed me that Advance America is offering a $40,000 salary raise to the best story of a U.S. worker. Immediately I thought of my supervisor, Dottie Jensen, at BYU. She is kind of a big deal! Dottie works so hard for the students of BYU to get connected to employers. All the time I feel like my job is so stressful, and yet Dottie is putting in so much more time, even when she's at home, and getting migranes, and still does her job for the sake of the students. I've asked her before if she thinks she'll retire sooner, because I would if I were here (I have only been at a job for tops two years though, so that shows my attitude when stress is introduced). She replies that she wants to stay and she is motivated by all the help she can provide to students and employers. And I STAY at BYU because Dottie is THE most AmAzInG supervisor I have had. She has taught me some very valuable lessons. She most definitely deserves a raise.

This is a picture of Dottie working while she's supposed to be having fun. You can't see that she has a laptop with her.

So I wrote up her story... much more professionally and convincingly than I just did above, and I submitted it to America Deserves a Raise.

Here are the rules:

Round One; Public Voting
It ends July 27, 2010.
Each voter will be permitted to vote for an essay multiple times, as long as your note using any software or American Idol phone tricks
The top 100 people will be chosen from Round One

Round Two: Judging
The criteria - the essay clearly expresses how someone deserves a raise by demonstrating the nominee’s efforts beyond and above his/her peers which are above expectations; the essay expresses how the nominee contributes in a meaningful way and makes a difference in overall work environment and the lives of others; the essay has the ability to inspire others; the essay’s overall impression.

Announcement made August 13, 2010.

Read Dottie's story and vote often at http://www.americadeservesaraise.com/nomination/dottiej

P.S. OH! I totally forgot to mention that every time you vote Advance America will be $1 to job-related charities. So it's a Win-Win-Win situation!