26 April 2010

Rexburg Trip - Big Jud Challenge

Our Rexburg trip was quite the success! On my list of things to do, I was able to cross off many. I visited with my Paris roomie from 2006, Jennifer, and my great Alaskan friend Claire. So much fun to see them both and catch up! The Thornocks and the Chandlers walked around campus to see the changes from construction.... AmAzInG! I couldn't believe that the only remnant of the MC that I remember is the bowling alley, virtually untouched. I also checked off my list a visit Big Jud's (can you believe that little place has a website).

Here is a picture of Scott with his Big Jud one-pound burger special... which he shared with Steve-O.

Unfortunately for Scott, since we've been married he has become accustomed to sharing my meals and adapting to my tiny stomach. But he was successful in eating HALF of a Big Jud burger. Really, no one should be eating that much beef in one meal. Did you know that Big Jud's even has a FIVE POUND burger challenge? Gag! My quarter pounder was very tasty though!

My most favorite discovery at Big Jud's though, was Maplenut ice cream. Heaven! If you know my family, you know that we are coffee ice cream connoisseurs. We try to find the ice cream with coffee flavoring over actually coffee used in the ice cream. My favorite coffee flavor in ice cream, is like vanilla with a hint of coffee, but sometimes the coffee ice cream you order tastes more like a strong espresso. Well, Maplenut may be my new favorite. It was such a great flavor, reminding me of my vanilla type coffee ice cream, but with a good taste of maple. Scott and I shared a Maplenut shake as part of the Big Jud Meal Deal!

Next to the door at Big Jud's was this vending machine! I LOVE this idea.

I mean, seriously, why aren't there more gum ball machines with mustaches inside?! A whole table of Big Jud's visitors bought these trinkets to take pictures. I'm contemplating a gum ball machine business now.