30 April 2010

Little April Hail Storm

I think my post about Spring having sprung in Provo may have been premature. That day that I took the beautiful tree blossom pictures may have been the only day in Provo where the weather was cooperating with the concept of Spring. Instead, every other day of this month I have been thinking of the song from Bambi, "Drip Drip Drop Little April Shower." Except instead I insert the words "Little April Hail Storm." The hail is definitely beating a tune as it falls lately. Today we are experiencing snow. As I drove to work this morning my car was throwing mini snowballs from the accumulated snow on the hood of the Matrix at the commuters around me.

What makes this weather even worse is it makes it difficult to complete my BYU Wellness Challenge. There are six wellness challenges per year, and if you complete the challenge you get cash back on your insurance and a prize! So when they allow your spouse to participate also, we usually come out making bank. The current challenge is walking 8,000 steps per day. I didn't realize how little I move in the day until I did this challenge last year and had to walk the perimeter of campus during my lunch hour in order to get 8,000 steps per day. The snow and hail means I'm going to have to do laps around my department in order to be adequately active.

And the problem with laps around the Wilkinson Student Center lately, is that it's Women's Conference today at BYU. This two day event may possibly bring more women and more money on campus than any other conference in the summer. The halls of the Wilk are completely packed with women from 10:30 Am until even after I'm gone from work. The bathroom situation is bad too! So bad, in fact, that the facilities people have to put up signs like the one below to help the flow of traffic and protect privacy.

I'm pretty sure these signs had to go up after consistent attempts from some bold conference attendees. This is how I imagine it going down... There's ridiculously long lines at the lady's room, and surprisingly the smell from the men's restroom is more appealing. As a conference goer, you are crossing your legs and doing a little dance, and you notice that there hasn't been one male enter the men's room in at least 8 minutes, not to mention no males in sight in the hallways. Why not take a chance?!

In any case, I'm going to attempt some more laps today. It helps to have Scott participating as well, because he is sending me texts every couple of hours that say something like "3842" or "5139"... his step count for that moment. Beating Scott is definitely a good motivator to be more active.