25 September 2009

10 Honest Things

My friend Mary Susan tagged me in her recent blog. So in the tradition of the game, I have to say 10 honest things about myself and then pass the joy along! Since most of you know quite a bit about me already, I tried to think of things you would only know if you've lived with me (So, Scott and Maura, this wont be news to you). Here we go.

10. I don't turn on the lights in the morning, or if I do, I try to turn them off as fast as possible. I really like the dark. You can trace that back to the fact that I grew up in Alaskan sun.

9. I like the smell of freshly cut grass. For some reason it reminds me of watermelon, and that contributes to why I often crave watermelon in the summer.

8. I search for jobs on the Internet all the time. I still haven't quite figured out what my dream job is or ideal future employer. I have favorite sites to look at jobs. I look at jobs in Provo and I look at jobs in cities I think I'll live someday. Or I'll search for a job with dreamy qualities. Some times I search jobs because I'm bored, and sometimes it has a more imminent purpose. Lately it's been some of both...

7. I don't like football season. Not because I don't like football - I've grown to enjoy a good football game - but because I can't break my husbands focus to get a good conversation during the Fall.

6. I can't resist the door-to-door inner city sales people. I'm just so proud of them that they are doing something with their lives. I may not need a magazine subscription, but I can donate it! And I'm still using the AMAAZZZING Wonder Spray I bought from the beautiful black girl from Chicago.

5. And while we're on the topic of business, I have to keep a notepad by my bed for all of the entrepreneurial ideas I get in the middle of the night. But when I wake up in the morning, they never make sense enough to go through with it.

4. I crave pancakes and crepes. Crohn's seems to like those a lot, and my secret fear is that the craving is actually making Crohn's worse. But I avoid thinking about that because German pancakes are so nummy. We eat them at least once a week... more like twice.

3. I sleep with a fan on every night. I think I've trained my body to need white noise in order to fall asleep, unless I'm exhausted. It all started when I would nap in the spare bedroom in Alaska after church on Sunday. Next to the spare bedroom was an air purifier or something.

2. I like to be organized. I keep all my clothes organized in my closet by cardigans, shirts, polos, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, pants, short skirts, long skirts, dresses. OCD, right? That is merely one example. One of my biggest problems is that I don't feel comfortable not being mostly packed for a trip a couple days before I leave and I have to unpack my suitcase and put it away right when I get home.

1. I really enjoy people watching and eavesdropping. It provides good entertainment when you're by yourself at a restaurant, airport, or your husband's flag football game. If you walk past, and I'm spacing out, I'm either eavesdropping or thinking of my dream job... or dream avocado tree...

But that's another story.

People I tag:

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23 September 2009

Catered for The Fab

The Fab Five are the illustrious accounting firms that recruit our BYU Marriott Students (and Information Systems students) to join their organizations for internships or post-graduate work. If you knew how accounting firms recruited, you may consider sending a notice to the public, or some government organization to complain. Accounting firms are known to sponsor massive pizza parties, guitar hero/gamer nights, massage breaks during midterms, concerts, etc. You may pity your personal accountant, or any accountant for that matter, but know that they were probably wined and dined (in Provo, it's very tame) to be where they are today.

As a non-accountant, former accounting class student, current Assistant Recruiting Facilitator at BYU; I have the opportunity to enjoy leftovers from any events. This is probably my most favorite perk of my job, because I have a passion for free food. You should know, that there is no such thing as a left over massage. Disappointing, I know! The Fab Five have been visiting campus lately and I had the opportunity to scarf as many cheese cubes as I wanted, eat from the best delis in the area, and get sick on leftover BYU brownies. Today however, was not one of those days, and unfortunately I was planning on it being one.

Scott and I delayed breakfast this morning to have a vial of our blood tested for a work wellness program. It was worth it! We get $50 each from our insurance for that assessment. I also haven't had the opportunity to meal plan for this week, so we didn't have leftovers for today's lunch. But I told Scott this morning, "Don't worry! There's an accounting firm coming to my office to interview today. Lunch will be available like manna from heaven."

Lunch came, and I waited. We had brought pumpkin pie (thanks, Costco) to finish off our accountant-type lunch. I munched on that while I pondered the delicious sandwiches that waited in the other room. No deal. Surely, they were just waiting for all hungry accountants to be fed during their lunch break. I assured Scott that he would have food before his 4 PM class. Again, no deal!

It is now 6:34 PM. I wait for my Grant Writing class to start... and of course I'm waiting in my office thinking that perhaps they will spare me one of the boxed lunches that are stacked in the other room that they STILL have not eaten, but have also not offered, as they usually do, to the staff. They sit in front of the boxes, with their buttons popped, talking about who to hire.

Don't worry, we ended up eating some other food. But really, accountants?! Can't you spare a boxed lunch to the poor of us who didn't take more than two accounting classes in school and can't do enough accounting to make a meal plan?

03 September 2009

DARE to Prolong a Haircut

So I've been itching to get a haircut for about a month. The itch came, and I started looking for something new and SHORT! Okay, not like pixie spikes or anything, but I got tired of my longer flat droopy hair. I've been putting it up in a ponytail or messy bun every other day for too long.

So I researched (of course) what's new in short hair styles and fell in love with this cut.

I was prepping myself to get my hair cut (not colored) like Paris Hilton on Tuesday, so I could see my best friend Maura in Salt Lake with my new do. I looked for a new salon, because I haven't found anyone I would always trust with my hair yet (at least in Utah County). Then Scott and I decided he would send out his secondary applications on Monday. He tallied up the total cost for sending secondary documents to the remaining medical schools and informed me that we would be spending over $800 on Monday. OUCH!

We're trying to budget and "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without" knowing that we're about to spend thousands on medical school not to mention the rest of the application process. So I told Scott that I would prolong my sexy haircut until December (knowing that I probably could never wait that long). Of course, Scott knows that I can't wait that long and told me so. Well that was enough of a Dare for me. So I'm going to make a real attempt at waiting until December, and in all likelihood, not make it past October.

Any thoughts on the cut or salon that will help me achieve it?