23 September 2009

Catered for The Fab

The Fab Five are the illustrious accounting firms that recruit our BYU Marriott Students (and Information Systems students) to join their organizations for internships or post-graduate work. If you knew how accounting firms recruited, you may consider sending a notice to the public, or some government organization to complain. Accounting firms are known to sponsor massive pizza parties, guitar hero/gamer nights, massage breaks during midterms, concerts, etc. You may pity your personal accountant, or any accountant for that matter, but know that they were probably wined and dined (in Provo, it's very tame) to be where they are today.

As a non-accountant, former accounting class student, current Assistant Recruiting Facilitator at BYU; I have the opportunity to enjoy leftovers from any events. This is probably my most favorite perk of my job, because I have a passion for free food. You should know, that there is no such thing as a left over massage. Disappointing, I know! The Fab Five have been visiting campus lately and I had the opportunity to scarf as many cheese cubes as I wanted, eat from the best delis in the area, and get sick on leftover BYU brownies. Today however, was not one of those days, and unfortunately I was planning on it being one.

Scott and I delayed breakfast this morning to have a vial of our blood tested for a work wellness program. It was worth it! We get $50 each from our insurance for that assessment. I also haven't had the opportunity to meal plan for this week, so we didn't have leftovers for today's lunch. But I told Scott this morning, "Don't worry! There's an accounting firm coming to my office to interview today. Lunch will be available like manna from heaven."

Lunch came, and I waited. We had brought pumpkin pie (thanks, Costco) to finish off our accountant-type lunch. I munched on that while I pondered the delicious sandwiches that waited in the other room. No deal. Surely, they were just waiting for all hungry accountants to be fed during their lunch break. I assured Scott that he would have food before his 4 PM class. Again, no deal!

It is now 6:34 PM. I wait for my Grant Writing class to start... and of course I'm waiting in my office thinking that perhaps they will spare me one of the boxed lunches that are stacked in the other room that they STILL have not eaten, but have also not offered, as they usually do, to the staff. They sit in front of the boxes, with their buttons popped, talking about who to hire.

Don't worry, we ended up eating some other food. But really, accountants?! Can't you spare a boxed lunch to the poor of us who didn't take more than two accounting classes in school and can't do enough accounting to make a meal plan?