03 September 2009

DARE to Prolong a Haircut

So I've been itching to get a haircut for about a month. The itch came, and I started looking for something new and SHORT! Okay, not like pixie spikes or anything, but I got tired of my longer flat droopy hair. I've been putting it up in a ponytail or messy bun every other day for too long.

So I researched (of course) what's new in short hair styles and fell in love with this cut.

I was prepping myself to get my hair cut (not colored) like Paris Hilton on Tuesday, so I could see my best friend Maura in Salt Lake with my new do. I looked for a new salon, because I haven't found anyone I would always trust with my hair yet (at least in Utah County). Then Scott and I decided he would send out his secondary applications on Monday. He tallied up the total cost for sending secondary documents to the remaining medical schools and informed me that we would be spending over $800 on Monday. OUCH!

We're trying to budget and "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without" knowing that we're about to spend thousands on medical school not to mention the rest of the application process. So I told Scott that I would prolong my sexy haircut until December (knowing that I probably could never wait that long). Of course, Scott knows that I can't wait that long and told me so. Well that was enough of a Dare for me. So I'm going to make a real attempt at waiting until December, and in all likelihood, not make it past October.

Any thoughts on the cut or salon that will help me achieve it?