12 August 2009

Your Personal Job Finder

A note before I proceed with my employment advice: On Saturday I cut Scott's hair. It was very exciting. I even took pictures by request from my best friend. I was so excited to post my adventure, when I discovered that the memory card wasn't in the camera when I took pictures. The pictures are saved to the camera itself, which as you may know, is incompatible with USB connections. So no pictures :( However, I was successful in cutting Scott's hair at home. In my opinion, I did a pretty good job, except I'm pretty sure there is one tuft of hair in the front that is longer than the rest of his mane. That's modern, right? I used clippers for the bottom and sides, but had to wield scissors on his overgrown top fro. Scary! Maybe someday I'll be able to recover the pictures.

Moving on...

The Fall Semester is upon us. Recruiting season at BYU is starting to bloom, and my work is becoming only slightly busier. With recent economic swings, more and more students and alumni are having difficulties locating or keeping satisfying employment. Not only that, but students have more competition for part-time jobs than ever before. On-campus custodial jobs have had more applications in a matter of hours this year then they have received in entire posting periods of years past. This environment presents an interesting puzzle of requests for our University Career Services staff.

Yesterday I attended a webinar presented by LinkedIn on how career services can better use the online application for university and student networking. Most of the networking advice was old news to me, since BYU-Idaho's business department taught me self-marketing skills brilliantly. However, LinkedIn is coming up with some new tricks and had some helpful tips inside the system, of which I wasn't previously aware.
As I updated my Public Profile yesterday on LinkedIn, I received two requests from Scott's cousins to help search for local part-time jobs. They know something that you may not... and that is that I am an Internet research GENIUS! Mwahaha! Go ahead, doubt, but many can attest that this is true. Last year I even found a long lost cousin of a recruiter visiting BYU, so he could reconnect (and get football tickets). Skills, I tell you! My favorite thing to research, though, is jobs. I research them for myself ALL the time, even when I'm not really looking to change employers. There is an inexplicable joy for me, when I find the perfect job for someone. Really! Plus it gives me a good challenge.

So I'm updating my networking profile, and helping family find jobs, and it hits me! ... Why am I not offering this service to more of my friends/faithful readers? I am in a position where I am intimately connected with new job advertisements every day from all over the world. I love to search. I love to network. I want to help people find jobs in this difficult economic situation. How does that NOT equal, personal job finder blog post?

If you or someone you know is looking for a job, I would be thrilled to come to your aid. Any industry. Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Seasonal... Give me a challenge. Just post a comment, send an email, or connect with me on LinkedIn with some details on where and what you want. I will be your job Cha-Cha! Your personal job finder.