17 August 2009

Top EFY 2009 Memories

No, I didn't attend EFY as a 25 year-old married woman. Not exactly, anyway. All EFY sessions for BYU campus are finally over! (Now I just have to worry about education week.) This is my list of top EFY memories from my perspective as a BYU employee. Enjoy!

10. During lunch one afternoon, I watched the newest playground clapping game. You know those games you played with all the clapping rhythms and sang the song from Big or Say Say Oh Playmate... Well the modern version of that, apparently, has some fake face slapping, if you can believe it. The girls would go through various clapping movements and then alternate between shaking their heads and the other with the fake slap. Interesting, to say the least.

9. For one week, earlier this summer, we would constantly look out the window to see the same group of teenage boys casually standing outside our office. It must have been the equivalent to cruisin' the streets at the Wilk. There were about six lanky teenage boys circled up around one short and stout boy, who apparently was their ring leader. We liked to watch their mating rituals during the slow moments of our day.

8. It seemed like every day we would be serenaded by an EFYer trying to show-off on the piano at lunch or between workshops. Why does BYU even have a piano in the lunch area in the first place? In any case, late in the summer I walked past as a lanky boy jammed out on a Jon Schmidt classic, with intermittent pauses for memory. Gathered around him were giggly, admirers doused, and I mean DOUSED, in Love Spell. I thought I had passed those puffs of Love Spell back in high school but apparently teenagers still apply way too much when boys are near.

7. I was walking from the Cougareat, dejected because I didn't have enough change to buy a crunchy taco (ridiculous price increase in a down economy!) and an 16 year-ish girlie EFYer, stopped me in the hallway. "I have a shirt almost exactly like that, except without the buttons," she informed me. Puzzled as to why she was talking to me, and why we would own the same shirt, all I could respond was "Oh," and I walked away.

6. My coworker and friend, Corina, was asked as she was coming to work if she knew where choir practice was. She informed them that she was wearing a backpack and no lanyard, and was, in fact, a student. They were embarrassed.

5. My friend and coworker, Stephanie, was walking past a line of rascal EFY boys on a Friday morning. I've determined that Friday is the rowdiest day, as all the kids have gotten comfortable with each other. She could see that at a certain point in the upcoming line boys were poking everyone who walked past. She walked past that point cautiously, trying to avoid the pokers. Instead, the two boys, seeing that Stephanie had escaped, stepped out of line to punch her in the arm. The gall! Had it been me there would have been a whooping or some serious words with them and their counselor. However, she just gave them her meanest evil eye and moved on. They probably thought they were flirting with her, silly youngin's.

4. One Thursday, a line of Sunday-dressed young men were standing outside our office in line. Someone at the front commented on how a few of them were wearing colored shirts instead of the typical white collared shirt and tie. Our eldest office sister, spent the next five minutes starring at the boys. I mentioned that she probably shouldn't spend too much time checking out the young men, because they would probably get the wrong idea. She said, "Well, my daughter told me I could look as long as I don't touch!" AH! I said, "No! That sentiment is not appropriate with this age." We all cringed a little at that thought, which was more than robbing the cradle.

3. A group of guys were checking out our front desk student, Anna as they waited in the hallway line for lunch. When I told her they were all staring at her, she blew them a kiss. Then one of the kiddos (He was 16. He told us so.) came in and asked if he could take his picture with her. She obliged, as she was actually quite flattered.

2. My coworker Trish reenacted this EFY scene she observed the other day. She said she was eating lunch in the square outside our office watching the EFYers, when she noticed a group of guys doing a social experiment. One of the EFY boys would walk along side of a meandering student, and then after following for a few feet would suddenly fall to the ground at their side. All of the boys would watch for the students reaction, but there was very little. Trish thought the boys were mostly annoying, until the boy followed a girl on her cell phone. After the usual few feet of walking side-by-side, the boy fell, this time in front of the girl. He said, "You are so gorgeous I'm falling for you." The girl busted up laughing, along with all the observers. It was his best move.

1. At almost the end of EFY season, I watched as a whole family came on campus to drop off their daughter/sister at EFY. The family had a few small children, including what looked like a 7 year-old boy, and they were coming into the Wilkinson Student Center to eat a pre-packed cooler lunch. When the 7 year-old walked through the door he scrunched up his face and frowned. "THIS is BYUUU?!!" You could tell he was a little more than disappointed... until! he noticed a Lighting McQueen cardboard cut-out as part of an advertising display for students. He quickly ran over to the Disney character and left his frown at the door. That's right, little boy, BYU has so much to offer!