19 August 2009

Funny Scott Stories: Allergies and T-shirts

If you know Scott, you know he LOVES to tell stories about his life or his family. Well two things happened yesterday that Scott can't wait to tell everyone about.

The first story happened at Sonic yesterday afternoon. I love Sonic! But I should preface the story by telling you that we've had issues with Springville Sonic. Apparently they don't have a recipe in the back for the newbies to construct a Jr. Deluxe Burger. I'm very picky about sauces, so I order the Jr. Deluxe Burger that only has mayo on it. Perfect size, perfect taste. Well... Springville Sonic has only gotten it right once, and I've made Scott (who usually sits in the driver's seat) return the item if it's not made the way its advertised. Or I make Scott eat the burger if it isn't made right and he wont return it.

So anyway, yesterday, we opted to try the Springville Sonic again for a Jr. Deluxe Burger before going to the Cougar Sports Kickoff at BYU. I order only a Jr. Deluxe Burger and again it came out with more sauces on it than I care to look at on a burger. I asked Scott to tell them when they came back with our receipt that what they gave us wasn't a Jr. Deluxe Burger. When the rollerblading waitress returned, Scott said, "Um, do you think you can get us a new burger? This one has ketchup on it, and we're allergic to Ketchup." Haha! I had to stop myself from giggling. He said it was a legitimate complaint because some people are allergic to tomatoes. They returned the new burger to us, this time with no extra sauces, and a tomato! Something tells me that this Sonic franchise doesn't hire the brightest crayons in the box.

The second (and funnier story, as Scott says) occurred after we picked up Sonic and all of Scott's boy scouts to go to this year's Cougar Sports Kickoff. All of the sports teams were gathered for games, food, stories, and autographs at a BYU playing field. We arrived and I gathered some free posters for the boys and boy scouts to have autographed. Most of the football players could be reached at one long table at the end of the field after waiting 20 minutes in line to get there. Other players were scattered with their own separate lines around the field. We located McKay Jacobson and Harvey Unga quickly. Max Halls line had security patrol who told us we needed to wait in the 20 minute line in order to get Max's autograph. So we waited for Jan Jorgensen.

While in line for Jan's signature, there was another player, Coleby Clawson, signing autographs. Why not add another to the poster while we waited? So Scott handed Coleby our poster and noticed that he was using a normal pen instead of a sharpie. Scott offered him the Sharpie that I had, in my wisdom, brought for the boys to use. Then Scott said to Coleby, "Hey, and you can use my back to sign it." So Scott handed him the poster and turned around. Coleby started signing, and in Scott's mind he was thinking, "Wow! This poster must be super thin, because it feels like he's really signing my back." He was! Coleby signed Scott's t-shirt and then signed his poster. Haha! So Scott has one signature on the Orrock and Mendenhall t-shirt he was wearing yesterday. He plans to wear it to work on Thursday so he can tell the story again to all his patients.