19 August 2009

Photo Shoot for Secondary Applications

So some of the medical schools that Scott is applying to, want him to submit a photo in addition to his secondary documents. As Scott and I have discussed which photo to choose, we've had some conflict of opinion on what kind of photo the school wants to see. Surprisingly, I am the one who suggests photos with more personality (to distinguish him from other candidates), and Scott is the one suggesting more professional photos that also include me (I add a whole new level of professionalism to photos!).

So we've decided instead to take one of our Life Lines and poll the audience. Which of the following pictures do you think Scott should submit for his secondary applications? There is a poll below this post for you to input your opinion.

Scott in Alaska

Biking in Hawaii
Triathlon Family
Engagement Picture Sports Center

Feel free to post comments and convince us of your picture choice. We are swayed by logic and humor. Also, if you have a better idea for a picture, let me know. I may have to arrange for a Scott photo shoot. That will REALLY make all of his modeling dreams come true!