15 August 2016

Life Snapshot: August 15

Catch 22 Escape Rooms in Brookfield, WI
Wisconsin Tidbits: I intend for this section to include information about places we've discovered in Wisconsin, but today I'm posting this linked story about the riots that have been going on the last two nights north of downtown Milwaukee. We live 20 minutes southwest of the city, so we haven't seen any of the violence first hand, only heard about these events from friends at church and in the news. Sad and a little too close for comfort.

What I'm Reading: Amy Snow by TracyRees

Part of My Spiritual Study: I realized this week that meekness may be my weakest link. I was in a meeting and was way too stubborn with my expectations. So now I'm studying how to be more meek. Reading suggestions are welcome!

Church Calling: I was just released from my other two callings, so I am now only the Relief Society Secretary for our ward.

On the Telly: Gilmore Girls Season 6, Episode 9 - the omega and alpha of awkward episodes. I remember enough about the immature mistakes that Rory made from watching this series the first time to fast forward through the silent treatment and life mistakes of this season. Episode 9 brings back the happy, witty banter of Gilmore Girls, though I know more awkward episodes are around the corner. 

Dr. Hubs: This last week was the first time that Scott spent the night in the hospital because it wouldn't be worth driving home and then driving back again for his next shift. He texted me in the afternoon that he felt like he would be lucky if he could get out of there before midnight, and I thought he was exaggerating per his usual. I expected him home around 8:00 Pm. He called me at 11:00 Pm, waking me up, to tell me that he had just finished and had decided to spend the night at the hospital since he had to work again at 7:00 Am. I felt so bad for him. This rotation has been rough, schedule and patient-load wise. 

My favorite moment from this last week: Okay, not quite this last week, but a couple Saturdays ago we went with friends to an escape room. When Scott has a free weekend, we like to play strategic board games (like Power Grid or The Castles of Burgandy) with a few couples from our stake. Before meeting them, the most similar games we'd ever played were Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan. I mention all of this just to say, that this might have been the best group to go with to our first ever escape room. When we came out with 2 minutes and 50 seconds to spare, the company rep could not stop mentioning how smart everyone was. Sure, it was a tad crazy at the end with six different theories and strategies being yelled out (five really, because at that point Scott decided he was confused and let everyone else take over). But we conquered!