06 August 2016

Life Snapshot: August 5

Milwaukee Delicatessen in Kansas City, MO
What I'm Reading: A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Part of My Spiritual Study: Ether 2-3
Church Calling: Relief Society Secretary, Ward Music Chairperson, and Activity Committee Member

On the Telly: Gilmore Girls Season 5 on Netflix and The Philadelphia Story (had to watch after reading this)

Favorite Eats: Our Costco has been selling Rosemary Parmesan bread in the bakery section that we've found makes for great sandwiches or dipping in oil and vinegar. Also, lately we've been throwing ice and lemonade in our Vitamix to make lemonade slushies. 

Dr. Hubs: 2nd Year, Internal Medicine rotation, presently running on five hours of sleep/day (or less)

Goal for Next Week: Pop in that Tracy Anderson DVD at least three time to workout. Family pictures came back from our California vacation, and I committed to tone after looking at them. Not exactly what you want to feel when looking at family pictures, but it is good motivation. 

My favorite moment from this last week: Last Saturday Scott and I returned from a three-day trip to Kansas City. He was asked to represent his residency at the AAFP National Conference, and I decided to tag along and work from the hotel (my job is awesome that way!). It was fun to see him so excited about the things that he learned by attending conference workshops, and the behind the scenes stories of residencies recruiting medical students was FASCINATING! 

On My Mind: This blog. My attempts to document my life and write have been lame. I recognize that there are few that follow this blog, and I'm cool with that. There was a time early on that I thought blogging fame was desirable and attainable - I got over that long ago. I see my blog as a journal of sorts, a newsletter to friends and family to give you a glimpse of what's going on in my world, and as a resource for anyone following our journey through medical training. As my life has become more full, there is less perceived time to write, and I'm sure that will only get worse.

Hence, this snapshot. My hope is that this template will inspire my creative juices in a shorter time frame, and still fulfill the blog's purpose. Fingers crossed that this motivates me to be more current with posts. Suggestions are welcome!