12 September 2016

Life Snapshot: September 12

MOD Pizza in New Berlin
What I'm Reading: Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

Part of My Spiritual Study: Meek and Lowly by Neal A. Maxwell
Church Calling: Relief Society Secretary, temporarily subbing as organist for sacrament meeting

On the Telly: A Royal Night Out on Netflix
By the by, I feel like it's important to mention that I've discovered the Goodreads of movies and am terribly disappointed that no one is using it, which means I can't see everyone's movie recommendations. It's called Letterboxd, and you should check it out. There's no way I could rate all the movies I've ever watched, so I'm just going to start rating them from now on. 

Dr. Hubs: Can I get an AMEN for a new rotation?! Even if it is Gynecology, I'm convinced that anything is better than last month's internal medicine rotation. Some funny stories, but mostly exhaustion and frustration... for both of us. 

Goal for Next Week: In addition to working full-time from home, I've just recently been hired to teach children's swimming lessons at a local gym on Saturday mornings. Just for fun! I'll be teaching preschool age kiddos and level one beginning swimmers this swim term. So my goal for this next week is to layout a couple lesson plans for each level to get me rolling. 

My favorite moment from this last week: The long Labor Day weekend was glorious, and especially wonderful because this was the first full weekend in a month that Scott also had off to relax (he even had Monday off!). We debated doing something outdoorsy or Wisconsiny, but opted for total relaxation at home, an outing to the driving range (where, let's be clear, I read a book under a tree), and a BBQ with friends on Monday evening.

On My Mind: This upcoming election. Though in an effort to keep my blog from becoming political, I will briefly say that this lesser-of-two-evils political game makes me want to vomit, and I'm shocked at some friends choices.