06 October 2014

A Continuously Growing Campus

West side of COMP-NW campus September 2014

Last month I drove past the opening ceremonies for a veteran's living facility that was built in connection with the Samaritan Health campus. We have been watching that construction for months now, and it is exciting to see the buildings finished.

You can see from my panoramic photo above that the field across from our apartment has had significant construction since we first moved in, back in 2011. The field now contains not only the medical school, but an urgent care facility, events center, bank, a dialysis center, and now across the street by the elementary school is our new veteran's home. Currently under construction on this field is an 84-room hotel, which apparently they will be calling the Boulder Falls Inn.

It has been neat for us to watch the changes in this community. We have felt lucky to be here for four years and to meet so many wonderful friends here.