29 July 2011

Preparing for Opening Ceremonies

There has been quite a bit of construction going on at the Western University campus here in Lebanon. In fact it seems like something new is happening in that field every day. In one corner of campus, a gym/cardiac rehab center is being constructed. A few weeks ago the field of wild flowers was mowed down to the height of the green at a golf course. And just recently, large yellow Caterpillar contraptions have been seen spreading gravel in multiple areas of Western's massive campus plot.

The foundation was set for this -

Some local towns folk, who were unaware that Saturday is the open ceremony for Western University in Lebanon, thought the circus was coming to town. Some may still argue that it is... On Saturday the Class of 2015, where students will receive their white lab coats. Which means... SCOTT IS HOME! They should give me an award at this ceremony for surviving seven weeks as a med school widow!