27 July 2011

Work Picnic

I started work at the OSU Foundation at the perfect time. The fiscal year (read: mad rush) just ended and most staff are taking a breather or vacation (almost the same thing). So it was the perfect time for me to join and gather my bearings before school beings and really, before football season begins. You wouldn’t believe how much fundraising is done around football! You may have already known that, and it’s really quite logical considering as so many alumni really center their school pride in the sport. I am not that type of alumni, but that is a result of my alma mater and my sports passion.

In any case, the last month has been a series of training sessions and test runs. I am sure that two months from now I will have a grand report for you on my progress

Last week we had a company picnic for families. Luckily for me even though I was husbandless, there were others in my same boat (thought most of their significant others were just at work). There were lots of kids activities like pinatas, water play, and crafts. The event was catered by Pig Out BBQ, which was quite tasty. There was also a mini concessions stand with snow cones and cotton candy (of which I have become a connoisseur). Then of course there was chatting, raffle prizes and BINGO. Can't remember the last time I played bingo?

I was pretty excited! Even though I eventually lost, I still consider it a successful work picnic.