25 July 2011

Linn Lanes - Lebanon

A new calling was extended to me at church! Drum roll, please ... I am the new 2nd counselor in Young Womens! There are only a few young women in my ward, but I am pretty excited to join them. It will be my first time serving with the young women since I was in Young Womens as a teenager. A lot has changed over the last 10 years.
Then again, not that much! My first activity was a combined activity with the young men of the ward and we went bowling at Lebanon's premier (and only) bowling alley, Linn Lanes. I have to say that being a teenager hasn't changed much... in one corner girls are flirting and hoping that that special guy will attend mutual. The deacons are trying to make jokes to impress the older young men and the older young men are trying to look cool to impress the young women. Oh the wisdom that comes in only 10 years, younglings!

Linn Lanes is your typical small town bowling alley, though slightly larger scale than Sitka's 'Lane 7.' Their summer hours are 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM on weekdays and open until 1:00 AM on weekends. They have scheduled "Ballistic Bowling" hours with black and strobe lights, as well as a DJ. According to their concessions sign, they have the best burgers in town. But I didn't try those out on my visit for two reasons: One, the kitchen looked intimidating, to put it nicely... and two, I was there to chaperone the youth.

As we left there was a sign that said, "Top 10 Reasons to Go Bowling." Number one was, "Nothing sounds better than a strike," which made me think that the advertisement must have been written by a professional bowler. Gotta love a sport, where you can eat while you play it! Oh, and there will be many other chances to try their tasty burgers. I did, after all, buy a Groupon-type pass for Linn Lanes when the offer came around with the local newspaper. Scott is a big fan of bowling, and as Linn Lanes is the only bowling alley (read: entertainment option) in a near radius, there is a VERY good chance you'll see us there again!