01 August 2011

White Coat Ceremony

Saturday was the convocation and inaugural white coat ceremony at Western University's COMP-Northwest in Lebanon, Oregon. The school year is officially in session now for the Class of 2015. The ceremony was slotted for over three hours of speaking, so we anticipated that we might need a crossword or newspaper to entertain us. Curtis began by attempting to identify all the doctors in the audience, including even naming a few (Finklestein, Curt?). Once the ceremony began though, we were happily surprised by the quality of the event and forgot all other intentions but listening!

The convocation began with a BEAUTIFULLY stirring rendition of our national anthem by a local trio of highway patrolmen (?). Western University also put together a short video to explain the origins of osteopathic medicine and it's history in Oregon. Though, the video reminded me a bit of an Indian Jones ride at Disneyland (Western U must have wanted to pump up the energy with their soundtrack), the history of osteopathic medicine in Oregon was really enlightening.

This new campus in Lebanon, Oregon is now the second medical school ever in the state of Oregon and the first to be built in over a century. So it's kind of a big deal! We heard from John Ktzhaber, MD and Governor of the State of Oregon. Amazing speaker and very genuine.We also heard from Alan Bates, Senator of the State of Oregon, the Chairman of the Board of Western University of Health Sciences, the most recent president of the American Osteopahtic Association, and the new Executive Associate Dean, Dr. Paula Crone, DO (those commas separate a group of speakers, if that's unclear).

After all the speakers, each of the 107 students in the charter class of COMP-NW received their white coats are recited the pledge of commitment.

Scott was in one of the last groups to have the white coat placed on them and is standing next to a few of his greatest friends in the program so far. He then received a black, classic doctors bag purchased for all students by the City of Lebanon. An amazing welcome gift to this charter class!

Congrats, Scott, on all the great work you've already put in to get to this moment! It may seem like a missionary farewell celebrating work not yet done, but for Oregon and for our family this truly was a moment to celebrate. Topping off the weekend, Scott and I had to give talks in our ward sacrament meeting. A busy few days, for sure! Thanks to Martie and Curt and my parents who drove up to Lebanon for the ceremony! More pictures are posted on my Facebook, if you're curious.