03 September 2014

Briefly Home

This post is somewhere in between a med school update and just a regular newsletter from me. Scott has been home for a couple weeks, which is amazing for his fourth year of medical school. So many of my fellow fourth year medical school wives are husbandless for months, and of course I will be too again soon. Scott was in Utah and California for much of July and August. He was able to schedule an audition rotation in Corvallis for four weeks as part of his search for the perfect residency. We are halfway through that time now, but I have LOVED having him home.

The weather has been uber hot here in Oregon. So Scott and I have tried to spend time outdoors when he's not at the hospital. This mostly means that I've watched him practice his swing at the driving range or throw a ball around with friends. Yesterday, though I convinced Scott that despite his months of rotations on the coast, that it was worth driving out there for lunch with me. We ate the most scrumptious rockfish and tuna at Local Ocean in Newport, Oregon. Totally worth the drive out there! We walked briefly around the boardwalk and sat in the sun before heading home.

I've also loved having Scott home because he has been treating my strictured Crohn's areas with some osteopathic manual treatment. The last time I was at the hospital, I was told that I had two areas that were narrow because of scar tissue. I have been taking some systemic digestive enzymes to try and break down the dead scar tissue internally. Then Scott has used myofascial release techniques to encourage movement as well. I have seen incredible results from this, and then a healthy diet makes me almost symptom free. Woot woot!

While Scott has been home we have talked about what he is looking for in a residency, and how we can help him develop a list of ten residency choices for his applications. We have a good list of 5-7 residencies so far, but it's tough to find ones that match the qualities he's looking for... plus we would love to stay west, if possible. Even though we have a list of possibilities, Scott will only get to visit two or three in the next few months. So it will be tough for us to rank these residencies for the match.

Applications are submitted this month. Then interviews this fall. Gearing up for more time apart and big decisions to be made.