24 March 2014

Med School Update: Third Didactic Week

Three amigos at Dean's Town Hall
Dean's Town Hall on Friday Morning, picture taken by Scott
It is sad to say that there is only one "didactic week" left. Sadder still to think that it probably wont be a full week with the students, and as families will be moving for Year 4, I likely won't get to see all my friends.

During this didactic week, Scott had a graded, internal medicine "patient encounter," and he attended plenary sessions for surgery and advanced internal medicine rotations. He also created a March Madness bracket, went to BWW with friends to watch games, and fit in two rounds of golf and a flag football game. I guess we are both anticipating that we wont get as much friend time after this didactic week.

Scott would want me to mention that he was also productive in his endeavors to schedule fourth year audition rotations. As I mentioned in a previous post, the process for scheduling audition rotations at potential residency locations is similar to applying to medical school. Scott has been writing essays, ordering transcripts and test scores, and getting letters of recommendation. He met with Western University's rotations office during didactic week to make sure he was getting all the official paperwork he needed. I think he still feels like he doesn't have enough direction in this process, but we'll find out soon enough once auditions are scheduled.