19 March 2014

Med School Update: Internal Medicine 2

Yes, I'm re-using the picture I took of the hospital in Newport this summer for this blog post about Scott's second Internal Medicine rotation. I wasn't about to travel out to Newport in this weather and with two classes per term trying to finish up my MBA.

So imagine Scott, at this hospital, but colder and more wet. Maybe a big puddle and rain clouds.

Scott mentioned that he is so glad that he completed his internal medicine rotations during the middle of third year, as internal medicine can be intense with difficult cases and preceptor questions. This last internal medicine rotation was probably Scott's favorite. He worked with a few doctors who prepared Scott for what residency will be like. He was asked to make orders, write up discharge notes and letters for patients for the doctors to review and use. I know I said it before, but Scott's Psych rotation has had a major positive impact on how he interviews patients. He loves having the opportunity to use the motivational interviewing skills he learned with patients who were admitted during this last rotation.

Scott really enjoyed internal medicine, in general. During this rotation he saw a lot of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, assisted with a couple procedures, pulled one 36 hour shift, and was fed all three meals daily at the hospital. He learned a lot from the preceptors in this particular rotation. Scott is hoping that this type of experience will transfer well to the physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty, which is on of the specialties he's considering.