10 July 2013

A Little Independence

Over the holiday Scott was on call for all the potential babies coming through his rotation clinic. I took that opportunity to travel south to visit my parents who were hosting my brother and his daughters. I hadn't seen those cuties (sure, Matt's cute too) in a year. They have grown up so much! I loved that they were excited to see me, though sometimes the littlest of them would forget my name. No biggie!

After breakfast, I spent the morning distracting the girls with card making and My Little Ponies. I instructed them to get dressed for the day and see if their mom had helped them to pack something patriotic.

All of a sudden I started feeling awful stomach pains right underneath my ribcage. My mind started racing to what I had eaten the day before. I've been so good on my new diet regiment - avoiding sugar and starches and instead eating mostly fruits, veggies, and protein. I hadn't eaten anything suspect that day or the day before!! Drowsiness overwhelmed me. I tried taking a short nap while the stomach pain lingered, but I woke up with more pain and, on top of that, nausea.

About the time I was anxious for any cause to blame, my mom called from girls camp. She was there as the camp nurse and was then caring six girls with the same symptoms as me. She diagnosed me with a 24 hour virus.

And what an awful virus it was!! I was seriously in so much pain and no medications made a dent in the problem. I was beginning to wonder how girls could even survive suffering through the same virus but in the wilderness (even if they did have the best nurse to wait on them)! That stinkin' virus caused me miss all the fun of the 4th of July - the BBQ, the swimming, the fireworks! Then as suddenly as it came, the pain was gone.

I still don't feel as good as I did traveling down for the visit, but there are no virus after shocks. Just sad I missed precious time with my nieces. When I came out from my slumber and completely sanitized, the girls were giddy that I wasn't sick any more. I had the best welcoming committee back to reality!