17 July 2013

Heaven On Earth - Exit 86

Yes, this is a restaurant review and not instructions on how to find heaven in Oregon. Heaven On Earth is this log cabin restaurant I've seen along I-5 between Medford and Roseburg that I have been anxious to visit - mostly on account of their large sign stating they have world famous cinnamon rolls.

When I drive with Scott we avoid stopping anywhere, even if we see a sign that says world famous, final sale, raspberries, or any other phrase that would normally grab my attention enough to pull off the road for a peek. I've become so used to that routine of non-stop driving that I would have passed by Heaven On Earth again. Except, as fate would I have it, I was searching for the nearest pit stop for an emergency bathroom break on my way home. THE next available exit (Exit 86, or as my waitress suggested, "Just 86 yourself off the highway!") happened to be home of this restaurant and bakery. It's really out in the middle of nowhere!

The restaurant inside was exactly what you might imagine a log cabin that claims to have world famous cinnamon rolls would look like, with servers to match (not like Paul Bunyan, cute baker ladies and men). When I entered I was greated by pies and cookies and rolls of every sort, all homemade in the bakery next door. I was actually greeted with a woman who offered me a sample of their fine cookies, which I couldn't eat due to my diet SLASH increasing need for the women's room.

After exiting the ladie's room, I noticed how many people frequent this exit attraction and looked around at all the tables where I presume meals were served. The servers were INCREDIBLY cheerful and were the best chit-chatters I've met. Maybe it's a rural thing?

In any case, my purpose in stopping was to use the bathroom and purchase a world famous cinnamon roll for Scott. As it so happened, that day the first batch of cinnamon rolls had been rushed and hadn't fully risen to world famous heights. I was assured they were still delicious, but they offered me two cinnamon rolls for the price of one ($5.95). My Scott's lucky day!

Scott's review: the cinnamon rolls were tasty, but a little too much like a loaf of bread. Definitely better warmed!

It's likely their world famous title is derived from similar means as the pies of The Nugget restaurant in the Sitka, Alaska airport. The pies are good, homemade with love. What makes them famous, though, is not their ingenius recipe, it's the fact that they are sold to hungry hungry tourists.