01 June 2012

Memorial Holiday Weekend

Don't you just love long weekends? Ours was jam-packed with fun. I got off work early on Friday. It was a gorgeous day, and when I got home I found that Scott had made plans to play football with some student friends on the local high school's turf field. Not to be left out of making the most of our sunny holiday, I tagged along with my book. Friday night Scotts parents arrived for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday blurred together with helping friends move, showing the Chandlers around town, and driving up to Portland for some Westover family fun.

We topped the weekend off with a murder mystery luau (finally putting to use that Christmas present Christie gave us years ago after our first murder mystery). Eight medical school couples in total, celebrating an almost finished first year with good eats and some improv. Imagine how perfect this weekend would have been if I had fit in a phone date with my bestie too!

Back to work!