03 May 2012

A Pillow for Your Feet

Last Saturday I had a girls day because Scott and all the other med students were incredibly busy studying for their last final in Neuro. Anytime Scott is studying for a final like that, he wont even leave the house if I offer him a trip to Limeberry or some other tasty treat! That's a foreign concept for me... refusing food.

Knowing I would otherwise be stuck in the apartment figuring out what to do with my lonesome while Scott whispered all the PowerPoint slides aloud to himself, I decided it was necessary to pamper myself. And by pamper I mean, shop till I drop and get myself at least one new outfit. I'm really bad at shopping for myself! I'm pretty sure my closet consists mostly of clothes from high school or sophmore year of college.

I was joined on my girls day by my good friend Morgan, my friend from Young Womens, and her daughter. We went to Albany where we shopped at Target, Ross, Maurices, Old Navy, and Kohls. I found a couple nice shirts for work, but for all the walking and rummaging through racks I did, I didn't feel like my trip was as successful as I had hoped. UNTIL, I found these:

If I could add a sound clip of heaven to my blog when you saw that picture, I would. Maybe you did it on your own, because I sang a little "Aaaaahhhh!" in my mind. These sandals are kind of a big deal.

So we were in Kohls. Last stop before going home to nap. We had just eaten delicious appetisers at Carinos Happy Hour... Bottomless Italian Sodas. Need I say more? I wasn't expecting to find anything at Kohls, first of all because their clothes are always over priced, but 70 percent off which makes it less over priced. Secondly, because I had already looked through the new J-Lo collection and found nada. Morgan decided to look in the shoe section just in case there was something there for her to use a coupon towards.

We walked past the "Comfortable" shoes section, which was full of clunky grandma shoes with insole padding. We pressed on all of them to see how "comfortable" we thought they would really be for our feet. We turned a corner to the next shoe isle, and there was a whole section of foam fit sandals by Adidas and Nike. These sandals are like a memory foam pillow for your feet.

My caressing of these sandals turned into a loud exclamation of my new found love. Seriously, I attracted an audience with my fondling! Where have these been all my life?!

Four people purchased cumfy sandals in that half hour. Kohls should pay me!

Speaking of comfortable shoes, as we left the store, wearing our new sandal love purchases, we were talking about how all shoes should be this comfortable. Like, why don't all heels have this sort of foam pillow inside but look just as cute on the outside? Low and behold, heaven smiles again, and I receive an email from BzzAgent, asking if I'd like to be a part of the Dr. Scholls For Her High Heel Insoles campaign. Obviously someone upstairs thinks that my feet are important!