07 November 2011

Limeberry - Lebanon

Picture by me taken of Albany's Limeberry

My parents new favorite thing is frozen yogurt shops. Maybe it's not their NEW favorite thing. My dad has always loved the soft serve ice cream machines, especially if you could build your own sundae. Well, since they have moved to the "Lower 48," my mom has developed a sixth sense for yogurt shops. She can smell them out from a distance. The first time she ever came to Lebanon, she made sure to tell me she saw that a Limeberry frozen yogurt shop was opening up this summer.

The Limeberry in Lebanon, Oregon opened up sometime before the school year started, I think. It wasn't until my parents visited again that we tried it out. It was SO tasty! They provide you with LARGE cups, which you may or may not want to fill all the way with your choice of frozen yogurts and toppings. My dad chooses to fill his cup up. Waste not, want not. I actually don't know what that means, but it sounds right.

Limeberry posts their frozen yogurt flavors on their Facebook page, as the flavors change often. We found that out the hard way when we visited TWICE in two days. Scott had a really scrumptious Wild Berry yogurt that we were both dying to have again the next day... only to find out it had been replaced by Island Banana. We will definitely be watching for more Wild Berry. Topping choices were vast, from berries, granola, and sprinkles, to candy, cookies, and even juice pellets.

Limeberry frequently has coupons to clip in the local Coupon Connections that comes in the mail (or can be found at Safeway). If you're in town, I would definitely recommend finding a coupon and a friend and heading over to the Limeberry!