11 April 2012

You Know A Winner

I won a sweepstakes! Impossible, right? That's what I was thinking. In fact, I don't always enter sweepstakes just because I feel like the odds are against me (I was going to write "not in my favor", but that phrase has taken on a morbid connotation). Despite these feelings, I did in fact submit my name into the Sweet Escapes Getaway Sweepstakes sponsored by Rite Aid. The grand prize was an all inclusive trip to Hershey, Pennsilvania. I've been to Hershey's Park before and thought it would be a fun Valentine's surprise to take Scott there as well. Before you get any big ideas, I didn't win a trip to chocolate wonderland. But I did win one of the sweepstakes three first prize packages from American Greetings Co retailing at $150!

One day a few months after I had submitted my name into the sweepstakes on Facebook, I received an email from someone at Don Jagoda Associates, Inc. At first I thought it was a joke or a scam, but I looked the company up on the internet and found they were legit. I also remembered that I had entered the sweepstakes, and I trusted Rite Aid's facebook page when I had entered my information for the sweeps. I responded to the email, aswering whatever questions they had (perfectly safe questions, nothing scamish), and just last week I received a box in the mail.

My prize pack included:
-3 gift bags
-2 packages of tissue paper
-1 package of Thank You cards
-1 package of blank note cards
-11 greeting cards (Yes, that pirate gator card plays music!)
-3 packages of stickers

Included in my prize is a year membership to the American Greetings website, which means that all my friends and family should at some point expect to get a "Just Because" ecard this year.