13 April 2012

Wicked Weekend in Portland

For Christmas, my in-laws gave Scott and I tickets to see Wicked in Portland. We loved seeing Wicked in LA when Scott and I were dating, so of course we were stoked about this Christmas gift. It was actually perfect timing too because not only did Scott have a cousin that had tickets to the show on the same weekend, but we also got to visit with Scott's grandparents who had just returned from a church mission in Kentucky!

Why I didn't take a picture of Scott with his grandparents, I'm not sure.

I did selfishly have a picture of myself, though. If you've ever been to Wicked, you know that the ushers are super strict about taking pictures in the auditorium. I have a couple theories as to why that is, including wanting to maintain the hype or not wanting to share set designs. Whatever the reason, this picture of me with the lobby poster is all I could manage by the end of the night.

That and this picture of downtown Portland at midnight.

I had to drive home so Scott could study with his laptop for his Neuro midterm on Monday. Scott was confused when I took this picture. Now that I look at it, I'm a bit surprised at its unimpressiveness.