16 April 2012

A Meme for Jazz Appreciation Month

My brother, Matt, has been working on a myriad of YouTube projects lately. He is a master sound artist and a lover of movies, so these multimedia memes are right up his alley. Since April is Jazz Appreciation month, Matt decided to select one of his favorite songs by Ella Fitzgerald to spice up a scene in Shawshank Redemption. Classic movie (I watch the edited version), and classic song. Matt said he was thinking about the movie and how Andy says the Motzart aria (song originally played in this scene of Shawshank) is the most beautiful song he's ever heard. "It was like cheating," Matt said when he called me to preview his work, "since during the period when this movie was set, no one would have been familiar with this song." So Matt edited into this scene the most beautiful song he's ever heard:

Sit down and relax while appreciating the beauty of this song! When I listen to Ella singing I Love You Porgy, fond memories come to mind - driving in the car on a warm summer day, laying on my bed after a particularly hard day at work, lying on the floor sprawled out like a starfish. EVERY time I hear this song I breathe deep, stress relieving breaths, close my eyes, and think "Wow!" How amazing that a song, a woman singing can make you feel that way! Sometimes I feel the need to croon along with Ella, but I can't add to or immitate that sort of perfection.
It's hard to appreciate Matt's master sound design skills when the new music fits so seemlessly in the original movie clip. He described the work he does like Photoshoping sound - working around the dialog and sound effects to put in the new track, and then adding sounds to enhance the clip. In order to fully appreciate the skill it took Matt to make this clip, you should watch this guy's attempt at the same task. Matt's work is far superior! Good job, brother, and thank you for another peaceful, awe-inspired moment!