23 April 2012

Honors Award

Because Scott participated in the summer ISAC program and was a TA for the Gross Anatomy course in the fall, he was invited to be part of the Honors Day Ceremony with all award winning DO students from Pomona and Lebanon campuses.

Scott and I actually rode to school together after work from Corvallis, where he was finishing his last IEP class with students from health programs at OSU and LBCC. The ceremony was broadcast from Pomona to Lecture Hall 1 at COMP-NW in Lebanon. They had a screen to view our students as well. The ceremony was about 90 minutes long (right around dinner time, ouch!) and was followed by a reception with refreshments. I have to mention that one student in Pomona was given an award for having improved the algorithm for matching student rotations. Even though this student is already done with the majority of his rotations, improving the system means that students are 70% more likely (I'm making that number up but it sounds right) to get their first choice of rotation sites. In my opinion, he more than deserves that award and a big "thank you" from all of us first years!

Look at those sharp award winners! There are three more proud wives in the world.

I am even more proud of hubby now that he did so well on his written and practical OMM finals. Some portion of that grade should go to me, considering I spent all last weekend pretending I was Scott's dad, brother, or grandma and had a neck, back or hip injury. Then again I was compensated with free neck massages and muscle energy! This school year is coming to a close fast!