06 January 2012

Looking the Part of Chaperone

It may be hard to believe but my stories kind of petered out with the holidays! It was a relaxing, fairly uneventful couple of weeks. On New Years Eve, Scott was out of town and I had the responsibility of being a chaperone at a youth dance. There is no coincidence that Scott was MIA during the very month, no the very weekend, I had this responsibility. In fact, I think he may have prolonged his family trip to avoid dancing with me that night. Are my egg beater moves really that bad?

I've chaperoned dances before for high school or church, and EVERY time I've been mistaken for a student. Most of the time it's by a teenager who asks me to dance and then asks me what grade I'm in. It's flattering, in a way, but mostly awkward especially if that young man was nervous to ask me.

So this dance I tried my very best to look the part of chaperone. I wore a grandpa sweater an businessy skirt.

I looked in the mirror and thought, "I'm too cute and innocent!" Though my closet is not exactly trendy, it holds nothing that could add ten years to my face. So I added my librarian glasses.

It worked... sort of. All of the teenagers knew I was too lame to ask for a dance. The other chaperones were not as sure. Several questioned why I was wondering the halls and not enjoying the dance. Happy New Year to me - I look the same age if not younger!