26 December 2011

Holiday Bowling

Last week Scott and I went to Linn Lanes to bowl it up a little. It's not very often that I'm willing to go bowling with Scott, but with everyone out of town on vacation I thought we could use a little entertainment. Once we got to the bowling alley, however, we found that we were in for a whole lot more excitement than we had bargained for. Apparently we had interrupted the bowling alley's holiday party. All but two lanes were full of semi professionals clad in bowling wrist braces. Let's just say that our lane had the least action, though I was hoping we might win a door prize.

Scott and I played two games, and would you believe that I won both? Scott thought you wouldn't. We took a picture of the second round to prove it, because I won... in the last frame... by one pin!

Scott gladly took the picture for me, and then said, "Good luck convincing everyone that you are "H" (for Hon) and I am "S" (for Schnooks). Let's just be honest though - would I take a smiling picture of myself and the scoreboard if I had lost? Case closed.