11 January 2012

Joyride Sound

On New Year's Eve I found this lovely video and blog post by Zoe Deschanel. Too cool for words! I was completely intrigued when I saw Zoe suggest a visit to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's website, hitRECord. BTW, I most definitely cannot call him Joe, and I have to say all three names. It's like Chad Michael Murray or Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I'm seeing a pattern here of crushes on three-named men.

Anyway, I was curious what kind of website Joseph Gordon-Levitt's resented, because I had imagined it to be a PR, biography set-up. I was surprised to find that JG-L's site actually offers a magical place where all the creative people of Hollywood can come together to make short films and collobrate one with another. I didn't take Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the producer type, but then again I didn't know he could play the guitar. So I asked my brother, Matt, resident sound artist of Burbank what he'd heard about this JG-L movement. He responded with his own collaborative effort. Check it out!


Sound by Matt of Cavanaudio